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Windows Server

course Instructor-led

Students study to install, configure, maintain, and manage Windows Servers. Students exercise to configure advanced networking services relating to Active Directory ,DNS, DHCP, Web, Email, Data and Security services.

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56 hours




This course is part of the following program(s)

1. Applied Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Why This Course?


Upgrading Skills

After completing this course, students will be able to:

1. Describe elements and purpose of a Network Operating System (Windows Server 2016) 

2. Discuss essential network protocols, server roles (DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, WDS, WSUS, Web, Email, Database and security services, etc.) , Nano Server and Containers. 

3. Install Windows Server and manage Active Directory, Domain Naming System, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Web, Email, Database and security services. 



Employment Opportunity

  • Server administration

  • Various IT positions


Main Topics

  • Introduction to Windows Server. Overview of the Lab environment and Virtual Machines. Planning, Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016 Installing, Upgrading and Configuring Servers

  • User , Group Accounts and Group Policy in Windows Server

  • Directory Services in Windows Server

  • DNS Services in Windows

  • DHCP Services

  • Configuring disks and volumes Implementing server storage

  • Installing and Configuring Windows Nano Server

  • Deploying and managing Windows Containers

  • Web services

  • Mail Servers

  • Database Management Systems

  • Managing server installation Configuring Firewall with advanced features


Training Methods

  • Offered online

  • Computer-based training

  • Supervised practical

  • Hands-on

  • Other