Short-term courses and certifications for Canadian students and others

About Innovate College of Business and Technology

Innovate College of Business and Technology (ICBT) is an Ontario, Canada-based career college. ICBT aims to provide prospective students with career-oriented education and training using the right set of tools, techniques and hands-on experiences in various areas of information technology, according to market demand.

ICBT provides short-term, low-cost, and job-focused education that is aligned with industry needs. The objective is to help Canadian students, new immigrants, and other job seekers, equipped with short-term courses and certifications, to pursue technical jobs. This will help the students who cannot be committed to a long-term education path. The ICBT courses introduce concepts, technologies and tools with hands-on exercises, experimentation, and demonstrations on industry-like problems and challenges. Through various programs, this academy prepares professionals who will be contributing to Canadian society and economy.

Some key features of Innovate College of Business and Technology
  • Shorter programs: Become job-ready with less debt than a traditional post-secondary school.
  • Highly qualified instructors: The academy is led by a team of highly-qualified professionals with years of academic and industry experience
  • Job-focused courses: All the programs and courses are be focused on satisfying industry-demand for skilled technical professionals
  • Hands-on: All the courses are offered with hands-on practice, experiments, and demonstrations on industry-like problems and environments, using with latest tools and techniques required for a specific job.
Our Partners

Innovate College of Business and Technology partners with leading training and certification providers, as well as cloud platforms. We are continually extending our partnership horizon, to provide best-in-the-industry curriculum and content to our students. Here is our growing list of partners.